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Hydraulic Power-Pack

Compact • Complete • Precise

Model 70725

Designed and Built for Marine Applications on Sailboats and Powerboats 12 Volt DC or 24 Volt DC

Power Pack Goals

SAILTEC's goal was to create a push-button motorized hydraulic system with its own electric power making it independent from combustion engines and perfect for yachts under 100'. Power-Pack is built around the most reliable marine grade electric motor/hydraulic system allowing support & service at almost any port throughout the world.

2009 photos 077
GUNBOAT 60 Hydraulic Power Pack with CAN-Bus
Power-Pack GUNBOAT60 2012 SAILTEC
Power Pack Left View1
Power Pack Right View
gunboat 55 hydraulic powerpack


• Compact and Light Weight
• Precision Cylinder Control
• Remote Mounting
• Simple to Install
• Marine Rated Motors and Components
• 12 or 24 Volt DC Power Options w/low amp draw
• Oil Pressure Output to 3,500 psi (242 bar)
• Oil Outputs to 170 cubic inches per minute/2.8 liters per minute
• Reservoir Capacities of 1, 2, and 4 quart
• Vertical or Horizontal Mounting

SAILTEC's Hydraulic Power-Pack operates many marine hydraulics including:

• Backstay
• Forestay
• Outhaul
• Flattening Reef
• Cunningham
• Boom Vang
• Retracting Keels
• Pivoting Centerboards
• Transom Gates
• Hatch Doors
• Swim Platforms

Power-Pack Attributes:

Power-Pack represents the latest in design refinements including system upgrades for enhanced marine rating based on six-month saltwater sea-trials under race conditions and produced the following improvements:
• Keyed Lock-out Device
• Deutsch Electrical Connections
• Corrosion Resistant Solenoid
• IP68 Sealed Entry Points
• Marine Rated Box
• Stainless Steel Fittings
• Anodized Aluminum Check Valve
• Million Cycle Illuminated Switches


SAILTEC Hydraulic Power-Pack will integrate into an existing or new system. Power-Pack provides operator with electric motor-driven pump for fast cylinder action with push of a button ease. Power-Pack can be ordered with manual back-up pump.

SAILTEC Hydraulic Power-Pack will integrate into manual or electronic valving systems for multiple function control.