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Sail Faster with SAILTEC

SAILTEC, Inc. has specialized in designing and building hydraulic tension and rig control for sailboats and custom marine hydraulics since 1983. Our cost effective and durable hydraulic solution, coupled with a serious dedication to customer service and product support has made SAILTEC the first production boat source for many top sailboat brands for over twenty years.

We manufacture hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders, hand pumps, and 12V & 24V electric pumps that operate to 5000 psi (350 bar) and can generate up to 100 ton of force. Our latest products include hydraulic control of hatches, transom doors, swim platforms, keel lifting, radar lifts and other specialized applications.

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SAILTEC is the sailing industry's preference for marine hydraulics offering:
  • Worldwide sales and service
  • Standard and custom cylinders
  • Exceptional factory support
  • Product innovation
Better performing products at a lower price, SAILTEC is a great value
  • Light-weight cylinders and pumps
  • Larger piston rods for longer life and resistance to side loads
  • Redundant seals for extra leak prevention and longer life
  • Faster pumping speeds than comparable models in the industry
  • Competitive pricing
  • Broad range of cylinders, integrals and pumps with respect to stroke, speed, fit and function

43007 Pump Piston Assembly-Integral
43008 Pump Lever / Piston Assembly
43111 Gauge, psi / kg 1.5"
43112 Gauge, psi / kg 2.0"
43410 Cartridge Release Valve Assembly
43411 Knurled Knob for Valve
43412 Cartridge Valve Rebuild Kit
43413 Lock Jaws for Locking Option